UV-VIS Spectrophotometer LI-2700



* Medicine/Pharmaceutical Industry

* Environment Monitoring

* Commodity Inspection

* Food Inspection

* Agricultural Chemistry

* Teaching in colleges & Universities

* Metallurgy

* Geology

* Machine Manufacturing

* Petrochemical Industries

* Water and waste water Labs

* Food and beverages Labs


Technical Specifications


Salient Features

· Wide Wavelength range, satisfying requirements of various fields.

· Fully automated design, realising the simplest measurement & satisfying the requirement of pharmacopoeia.

· Maximum of 9 Wavelength & 1 samples can be measured at one time.

· Automatic change-over between T lamp & D2 lamp.

· Optimised optics and large scale integrated circuits design, light source and receiver from world famous measurement methods all add up to high performance and reliability.

· Rich measurement methods : wavelength scan, time scan multi-wavelength determination, multi-order derivative determination, double-wavelength methods and triple-wavelength methods etc., meet difference measurement requirement.

· 10mm 2-cell holder.

· Data Output can be obtained via a printer port and a USB interface.

· Parameters and data can be saved for user's convenience.

· PC controller measurement can be achieved for more accurate and flexible requirement.

DOUBLE BEAM UV-VIS Spectrophotometer with more accuracy and flexible requirements. The two detectors are used to measure sample and reference respectively and simultaneously for optimising measurement accuracy. It has wide wavelength range satisfying requirement of various fields, such as biochemical research and industry, pharmaceuticals analysis and production, education, environment protection, food industry etc.